2015 EU-Taiwan Consumer Protection Seminar on On-line Transactions
2015台歐網路交易消費者保護研討會 (中文請詳見本網頁下半部)
Taipei, 30 October

The EU-Taiwan Consumer Protection Seminar on On-line Transactions was jointly organized by the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO), under the framework of the European Business and Regulatory Cooperation Programme (EBRC), and the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) of the Executive Yuan. The seminar, attended by 128 representatives from European and Taiwanese government, industry, academia, and 160 students, hosted a field of distinguished experts to showcase insights in three areas: consumer protection laws and regulations on on-line transactions; the management and practice of on-line transactions; and resolving consumer disputes arising from on-line transactions. Dr Chang San-Cheng (張善政), Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan and Ms Madeleine Majorenko, Head of the EETO delivered opening remarks at the seminar.

Dr Chang stated that on-line transactions may involve issues on personal information processing and privacy protection. Consumers sometimes encounter problems such as not receiving goods or services even after making  payments, thus resulting in consumer disputes. Therefore, the enactment of law, self-regulation of industries, research of academia, and the comments and suggestions from consumer protection groups, are an important foundation for the establishment of consumer confidence in on-line transactions, and will further stimulate the development of relative industries. Based on the huge number of telecommunications consumers, Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) has been seeing tremendous growth, particularly in the fast development of Mobile Applications (Apps), and thus consumer disputes have aroused concerns from all parties. Some of the apps have not only social but also shopping, games and payment functions. They often include cross-border consumer transactions, which has led to an increasing number of cross-border disputes. In addition to personal information protection, proper resolution of cross-border disputes is also challenging governments and business operators. He added that consumer protection is no longer just a domestic concern.  For this reason all nations need to work together. Through this seminar, the aim is to enhance the importance of on-line transaction issues, and to brainstorm how to improve the current system, in order to meet the needs of the new era of consumer environment.

Ms Majorenko indicated that E-commerce is an important part of the European Union economy as it is in Taiwan. In the EU, the Digital Single Market is one of the key priorities of the European Commission since it has the potential to become the motor for the EU’s economic growth by creating up to 415 billion euros in additional growth. 16 initiatives adopted in May 2015 in the Digital Single Market Strategy are aimed to improve the implementation and enforcement of European consumer legislation. The European Commission has always put consumers at the heart of the single market. Since May 2014, the Commission has been running the Consumer Rights Awareness Campaign in Member States to spread the message that consumers have robust rights, both on-line and off-line. The Commission is also working on modernising and simplifying rules for on-line purchases and promises less new legislation and more implementation. She added that the new rules on Alternative Dispute Resolution methods can help parties to reach a compromise in an easy, fast and inexpensive way without having to go to court. Complaining and getting effective redress across the EU can help reinforce consumers' confidence in the on-line market. The Consumer Centres also play an important role in assisting consumers to solve disputes and also in being vigilant and protecting vulnerable consumers. Ms Majorenko stated that today’s seminar aims to find the ideas, solutions and policies to protect consumers conducting on-line transactions. 

The event hosted experts from both the EU and Taiwan, who gave presentations on various topics related to the main theme. Each session concluded with general discussion. The three sessions were moderated by Dr Jan Sheng-lin (詹森林), Commissioner, Committee of Consumer Protection, Executive Yuan (Professor & Dean, College of Law, National Taiwan University); Professor Stefaan Voet, Associate Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium; and Professor Wu Jiin-Yu (吳瑾瑜), Commissioner, Committee of Consumer Protection, EY (Professor of National Chengchi University), respectively. The European experts were Dr Stefaan Voet, Associate Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium; Dr Evelyne Terryn, Professor, University of Leuven, Belgium; Guna Dirveika, Senior Legal Consultant, Financial and Capital Market Commission, Latvia; and Daver Lau, General Manger, Amadeus Taiwan Limited. The Taiwanese expert were Chen Hsing-Hung (陳星宏), Senior Secretary, DCP, EY; Dr. Chang Feng-Yuan (張峯源), Senior Executive Officer, Department of Commerce, MOEA; Wang Shu-Hui (王淑慧), Senior Executive Officer, DCP, EY; Dr. Chiu Ying-Hsi (邱映曦), Director, Institute for Information Industry (III); Bill Lin (林坤正), General Manger, PAYEASY Digital Integration Co., LTD.; Wang Te-Ming (王德明), Senior Consumer Ombudsman, DCP, EY; and Prof. Yu Jimmy (余啟民), Associate Professor, Soochow University.






張善政院長表示網路交易涉及許多個人資料的處理與隱私的保護議題。消費者可能在還沒看過商品或取得服務前就先付款,因而導致了許多的消費爭議。因此,政府的法規制定、產業界的自律、學界的研究、及消費者團體的意見提供,都是促進消費者對網路交易信心的重要基礎。健全的網路交易環境,有助於提升消費者信心,並帶動相關產業的蓬勃發展。在擁有龐大的電信消費者的基礎上,促使行動商務 (Mobile Commerce, M-Commerce)領域蓬勃發展,尤其又以行動應用程式(APP)的發展最為迅速,所造成的消費爭議也為各界所關注。部分APP除了擁有社交功能外,還兼具購物、遊戲、付款等功能,也經常涉及跨境消費行為,所產生的跨境爭議快速增加。除涉及個人資料保護議題外,一旦發生跨境爭議,如何妥善處理糾紛也在在考驗各國政府及企業經營者的智慧。消費者保護已不再是單獨某個國家內部的工作,需要各國主管機關通力合作。希望能藉由本次會議,促進各國對網路交易議題的重視,並思考如何改善現有制度,以切合新時代消費環境的需求。


馬澤璉處長表示,電子商務對於歐盟和台灣的經濟發展,具有舉足輕重的地位。歐盟執委會將「單一數位市場」(Digital Single Market)列為首要政策目標之一,期望這項政策能帶動歐盟的經濟成長,額外創造高達4,150億歐元的增長。歐盟於20155月公布的「單一數位市場」策略計畫中,共提出16項具體行動,旨在改善歐洲消費者保護法的實施。歐盟執委會也相當重視消費者在「單一數位市場」的角色,自20145月起,執委會在各會員國推廣「消費者權益意識」的活動,倡導消費者在線上和線下商務均享有健全的保護與權利。此外,執委會也致力於網路購物規範的簡化與現代化,並且承諾強化執法成效而非訂立更多法規。馬處長強調,透過新的「替代爭議調解機制」(Alternative Dispute Resolution, ADR)辦法,當事人不必親自到法庭,就能以較少的花費、簡單快速的程序達成和解。跨境投訴和有效補償有助於增強消費者對網路交易市場的信心。


此外,「歐盟消費者中心網絡」(European Consumer Centres Network, ECC-Net)也扮演重要角色,協助消費者解決糾紛,同時保護弱勢消費者。馬處長在致詞最後表示,透過本次研討會,期許各單位能夠集思廣益,探討網路交易消費者保護的解決機制和政策。


本次研討會邀集歐洲與台灣的專家,分享和網路交易消費者保護相關的三大主題,各主題的綜合討論分別由行政院消費者保護會委員兼台灣大學法學院長詹森林先生、比利時魯汶大學副教授Stefaan Voet先生、以及行政院消費者保護會委員兼國立政治大學教授吳瑾瑜女士主持。歐洲專家代表為比利時魯汶大學副教授Stefaan Voet先生和比利時魯汶大學教授Evelyne Terryn女士、拉脫維亞金融及資本市場委員會資深法律顧問Guna Dirveika女士、以及台灣亞瑪迪斯總經理劉家輝先生。台灣專家代表為行政院消費者保護處簡任秘書陳星宏先生、經濟部商業司專門委員張峯源先生、行政院消費者保護處參議王淑慧女士、資策會主任邱映曦女士、康迅數位整合股份有限公司總經理林坤正先生、行政院消費者保護處簡任消保官王德明先生、以及東吳大學法律系副教授余啟民先生。