2015 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Protection of Internet Copyright
2015 台
Taipei, 18 September

The EU-Taiwan Seminar on the Protection of Internet Copyright was jointly organized by the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO), under the framework of the European Business and Regulatory Cooperation Programme (EBRC), and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA). The seminar, attended by 177 representatives from European and Taiwanese government, industry and academia, hosted a field of distinguished experts to showcase insights in three areas: the legal framework of copyright protection on the Internet in the EU and Taiwan and its current developments; enforcement measures of Internet copyright protection in the EU and Taiwan; as well as experiences on how to enhance cooperation between rights-holders and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and to raise public awareness of copyright protection issues. Ms Wang Mei-hua (王美花), Director General of the TIPO and Ms Madeleine Majorenko, Head of the EETO delivered opening remarks at the seminar.

Ms Wang stated that Taiwan has always paid close attention to issues of online copyright protection while the TIPO has also been closely following the latest international developments in this regard. In recent years, the TIPO has amended the Copyright Act a number of times after taking into consideration international treaties and conventions as well as other countries’ laws. One of the key focuses of these and ongoing efforts is to enhance the fight against online piracy. With respect to the establishment of online-copyright-protection measures, the biggest challenge is how to take care of the needs of online users and ISPs at the same time while protecting the rights and interests of rights-holders. She added that the TIPO will keep observing the latest international legislative trends, including those of EU countries such as the UK, France, and Spain, and cautiously take into consideration their laws before taking further actions.

In her remarks, Ms Majorenko noted that in the face of new challenges, legal systems have to adapt. In 2009, Taiwan adopted a new mechanism to fight infringement relying on a graduated response, while one of the current goals of the European Commission is to create a digital single market, bringing together 28 member states' legislations into one common framework. To ensure growth, there is a need for strong measures that reinforce IPR in the online environment. But at the same time, the public's fundamental rights such as access to content and knowledge, and freedom of speech and expression need to be ensured. The European Union and Taiwan can think together to find appropriate and effective measures to strike the right balance between these objectives. In a spirit of openness, the dialogue of the seminar serves as a framework for various stakeholders and interest groups to exchange views.

The event hosted experts from both the EU and Taiwan, who gave presentations on various topics related to the main theme. Each session concluded with a Q&A session. The European experts were Tamas Kenessey, Legal Officer, DG CONNECT, European Commission; Reinout van Malenstein, IP Expert, IPR SME Helpdesk; Anne-Catherine Milleron, Intellectual property Attaché, Economic Service, French Embassy, South Korea; Thomas Kuiper, Chief Operating Officer, Gandi Asia; and Valérie-Laure Benabou, Professor of Private Law, University of Versailles–Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ). The Taiwanese expert were Chen Yi-ching (陳怡靜), Section Chief, Copyright Division, TIPO, MoEA; Lo Hsueh-mei (羅雪梅), Prosecutor, Intellectual Property Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office; Chan Ya-jan (詹雅然), Legal Counsel, Data Communications Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom; Robin Lee (李瑞斌), Chief Executive Officer, Recording Industry Foundation in Taiwan (RIT).






馬澤璉女士則指出,面對新的挑戰,法規制度也須隨之調整。歐盟執委會當前的目標之一,是透過彙整28個會員國的立法機制,建立單一數位市場(Digital Single Market。此外,在強化網路智財權規範與管理的同時,亦須確保諸如內容和知識取得、言論和表達等公民自由的基本權力。期盼歐盟和台灣能共同集思廣益,尋找適當且有效的措施,同時在這些目標間取得適當平衡。本次研討會的目的即在為利益相關者和利益團體提供意見交換的開放平台。

這次研討會邀集歐洲與台灣的專家,分享與網路著作權保護相關的相關主題。歐洲專家代表為歐盟執委會網通資訊總署法務專員Tamas Kenessey先生,歐盟中小企業知識產權服務處智財專家Reinout van Malenstein先生、法國駐韓大使館經濟處智財事務參事Anne-Catherine Milleron女士、管地有限公司亞洲區營運長Thomas Kuiper先生、法國UVSQ大學教授Valérie-Laure Benabou女士。台灣專家代表為經濟部智慧財產局著作權組科長陳怡靜女士、臺灣高等法院檢察署智慧財產分署檢察官羅雪梅女士、中華電信股份有限公司數據通信分公司法務管理師詹雅然女士、以及財團法人台灣唱片出版事業基金會(RIT)執行長李瑞斌先生。