2014 Silicon Europe Taiwan Day Forum
2014 歐洲矽谷聯盟台灣日  (中文請詳見本網頁下半部)

Taipei, 4 September  – The European Economic and Trade Office (EETO), together with the European Business Regulatory Cooperation (EBRC) hosted a field of distinguished micro- and nanoelectronics experts at its Silicon Europe Taiwan Day Forum. The forum, attended by around 110 representatives of European and Taiwanese industry and research entities, showcased insights on European excellence in the fields of micro- and nanoelectronics, presented European competitive clusters’ know-how, experience and innovations, such as “Silicon Europe”, as well as offered the opportunity for direct B2B matchmaking. SEMI Taiwan, the Taiwan branch of the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain of micro- and nanoelectronics industries, supported the event. The forum was part of the EU’s efforts to enhance EU-Taiwan cooperation aimed at paving the way for sustainable engagement and cooperation between Europe and Taiwan.


Viktoria Lövenberg, Deputy Head of Office of the EETO, and Freddie Hoeglund, CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) delivered opening remarks at the forum by welcoming greater information exchanges and future cooperation between Europe and Taiwan. Ms Lövenberg declared that the EBRC outreach event aims to develop the “cluster-to-cluster” concept between the EU and Taiwan. This will include a permanent representation of European Clusters in Taiwan (and vice-versa), cooperation between SMEs, research centres, academia and multinational companies, better access to local partners, a business/ go-to-market accelerator and promotion of clusters. Mr Hoeglund indicated that, as the largest organization representing European business in Taiwan, the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan counts among its members global leaders across a wide range of industries, including ICT. He added that the ECCT represents business interests, and recognizes the need to nurture and develop partnerships between corporations, government, research and academic institutions and that the ECCT will continue to promote business development for the benefit of both Europe and Taiwan.


The event hosted experts from the European Commission and Member States. The European experts shared presentations on research and innovation on electronic components and systems in Europe and the strengths of European microelectronics. Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit A4 Components from DG-Connect, European Commission, detailed the EU’s roadmaps of Component and Systems technologies in ICT, and the Horizon 2020 programme. He indicated that Europe is a great place for cooperation and investment, which leads to a “win-win” situation for EU-Taiwan cooperation.


The partners of the European clusters alliance “Silicon Europe”, notably clusters from Minalogic (France), DSP Valley (Belgium), High Tech NL (Netherlands), Silicon Saxony (Germany), and Fondazione Distretto Green and High Tech of Monza Brianza (Italy), shared their expertise in disruptive innovation and technological development, cooperation within individual clusters and with European clusters, and called for international cooperation with Taiwan. The experts delivered a clear message that cooperation  between industry, academia and administrations has been a key enabler in enhancing successful IT and micro- and nanoelectronics clusters in Europe. Silicon Europe and its partners cover the whole semiconductor value chain and shape a cutting-edge network of micro- and nanoeletronics actors in the heart of Europe. The European ecosystem for innovation is expected to be a good example for the development of Taiwanese high-tech clusters and future EU-Taiwan cooperation. Between the forum sessions, a coffee break and networking time was held to allow members of the audience to interact with speakers.


The European experts were Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit A4 Components, from DG-Connect; Veronique Pequignat, Internationalization Strategy Leader from the Silicon Europe; Fabien Boulanger, Innovation Expert from the Silicon Europe; Lode Lauwers, Vice President Core CMOS Business & Strategic Accounts of IMEC; Ben van der Zon, Program Manager of High Tech NL; Isabelle Guillaume, General Manager of Minalogic Cluster, Georg Lipperer, CEO of CS CLEAN SYSTEMS AG; Giuseppe Izzo, General Manager of STMicroelectronics Taiwan & Chairman of the ECCT.


(Silicon Europe)的技術、經驗與創新,並提供現場台歐廠商媒合機會。由全球微奈米電子製造供應鏈產業協會之台灣辦公室SEMI Taiwan協辦,本論壇為歐盟提倡台歐合作的一環,並著重於創造台歐雙邊永續合作的條件。

歐洲經貿辦事處副處長婁薇琦女士以及歐洲在台商務協會執行長何飛逸先生於開幕致詞中表示,歡迎歐洲與台灣更密切的訊息交流和未來合作。婁薇琦女士表示,EBRC推廣活動(outreach event)旨在開展台歐間產業聚落到產業聚落(cluster to cluster)的概念,包括一個歐盟聚落在台灣的長駐代表機構(反之亦然),中小型企業、研究中心、學術單位、和跨國公司之間的合作,與當地夥伴更流暢的聯繫管道,以及商業/市場進入之推進和產業聚落之推廣。何飛逸先生則指出,歐洲在台商務協會(ECCT)為全台最大的歐洲企業代表機構,其會員橫跨多樣產業,包含資通訊科技業的全球領導廠商。他補充說明ECCT代表會員所關切的商業事宜,並且瞭解培育發展與公司、政府、研究及學術單位之夥伴關係的需求,此外,ECCT將持續推廣台歐雙方的商業發展效益。

「歐洲矽谷聯盟台灣日」邀集歐盟執委會和會員國專家出席,歐洲專家對歐洲電子零組件和系統的研發與創新,以及歐洲微電子產業的能量提出簡報。歐盟執委會網通資訊總署代表Willy Van Puymbroeck先生,詳細介紹歐盟ICT產業零組件與系統和「展望2020(Horizon 2020)計畫,他指出歐洲是合作與投資的絕佳地點,並且能為台歐合作帶來雙贏。

「歐洲矽谷聯盟」(Silicon Europe)的夥伴,特別是Minalogic(法國)DSP Valley(比利時)High Tech NL(荷蘭)Silicon Saxony(德國)Fondazione Distretto Green and High Tech of Monza Brianza(義大利)等產業聚落,分享他們在顛覆性創新與技術發展的專有知識、產業聚落內部和歐洲產業聚落間之合作、並且表達希望推動與台灣合作的機會。專家們傳遞了一個明確的訊息產業、學術與行政部門之間的合作,是歐洲強化IT產業和微奈米電子聚落的關鍵成功因素。Silicon Europe及其聯盟成員涵蓋整個半導體產業供應鏈,並且在歐洲核心塑造一個頂尖的的微奈米電子網絡,而歐洲生態體系可作為台灣高科技產業聚落發展和未來台歐合作的良好範例。

本次論壇講者包括: 歐洲專家代表為歐盟執委會網通資訊總署(DG Connect)代表Willy Van Puymbroeck先生、歐洲矽谷聯盟國際策略總監Veronique Pequignat女士、歐洲矽谷聯盟創新專家Fabien Boulanger先生,愛美科產業發展副總裁Lode Lauwers先生、荷蘭產業聚落High Tech NL計畫經理Ben van der Zon先生、法國產業聚落Minalogic執行長Isabelle Guillaume女士、德國CS CLEAN SYSTEMS執行長Georg Lipperer先生、以及意法半導體台灣區總經理暨歐洲在台商務協會理事長Giuseppe Izzo先生。