The Fifth EUTW Forum on Environment and Science_EU-Taiwan Food Safety Seminar   

第五屆臺灣歐盟環境與科技論壇_臺歐食品安全  (中文請詳見本網頁下半部)                                                                     

Time : Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 13:30-17:00        


Venue :  3F, Liang Kuo Shu International Conference Hall, College of Social Science, National Taiwan University
(  1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City;Fuxing South Rd. and Xinhai Rd. intersection) 

Organizers : 
European Union Centre in Taiwan 
European Economic and Trade Office
European Business and Regulatory Cooperation Programme in Taiwan 

Event Introduction :
In order to encourage the exchange of food safety-related regulations and information between Taiwan and Europe, the European Economic and Trade Office (EETO) has held annually relevant food safety seminars in Taipei in the past five years. Over the years officials from the European Commission, or officials and experts from EU Member States, have briefed the Taiwan community on how to build a food safety system across 28 Member States. In the seminars, they have also shared successful and failed cases experienced by the EU in the past. Previous seminars also frequently invited stakeholders from the Taiwan food industry, and thereby learn from each other how to achieve the best food security models.
This year, the EETO has again invited officials from DG SANTE and DG TRADE of the European Commission to Taiwan, together with the European Union Center in Taiwan, to the jointly-hosted 2017 EU-Taiwan food safety seminar. The organisers will invite the European and Taiwanese experts in the food safety domain to discuss in depth food traceability systems and how the EU adopted systematic tracking methods to effectively support EU Member States food safety issues, such as BSE control and management.

Language: English and Chinese 
Simultaneous interpretation equipment is available with photo ID. 

Event Registration :
The seminar is free of charge with online registration. Participants are kindly requested tregister by 19 June 2017. 
The organisers reserve the right to bring forward or postpone the registration deadline.
Please go directly to the online registration webpage

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活動日期2017621(星期三)半天 13:30-17:00,13:30-14:00報到

活動地點台灣大學社科院三樓梁國樹國際會議廳 ( 臺北市大安區羅斯福路四段一號)


歐洲經貿辦事處為了促進台歐食品安全的交流,近五年來,每年都在台北舉辦相關的食品安全研討會。來自歐盟執委會的官員或歐盟會員國的官員和專家, 除了向台灣各界介紹歐盟如何建立橫跨二十八個會員國的食品安全體系外,也經常分享歐盟過去經歷過的成功和失敗經驗, 研討會也常邀請來自台歐的食品業者齊聚研商,並互相學習企業的最佳食安典範。



活動報名 : 活動免費,請逕至活動報名網頁填寫報名資訊;名額有限,請儘早於2017年6月19日前完成報名,主辦單位得視狀況提前或延後報名截止時間。主辦單位保留參加資格之最後審核權利,於活動前以電子郵件方式寄發「報到通知信」確認,敬請於活動當日準時報到。